A35 Brebemi: a motorway realized to meet people’s needs

A35 Brebemi is the first Italian motorway to be totally funded on a project financing basis, for a cost of 1.61 billion Euros. This infrastructure will be paid back exclusively from the income generated by the tolls together with the collection of a final indemnity from the motorway company that will take over its management. Brebemi has recently won two major international awards attributed in London to the best European infrastructural project financing deals, among which the prestigious PFI Award promoted by the Thomson Reuters Group. The functionality of this important 62.1 km-long motorway linking Brescia to Milan is reflected by the high number of interconnections to the local road network, with as many as 15 junctions (6 of which with toll booths). Its construction was accompanied by many other significant improvements to the road system of the entire province.

The A35 Brebemi motorway means improved quality of life, since it reduces the volume of heavy vehicle traffic on local roads by as much as 60%, it means 6.8 million fewer hours in traffic queues, and it makes an important contribution to clean air by reducing CO₂ emissions. Moreover, it will facilitate business and social relations on the European east/west axis south of the Alps.



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  • published 5 novembre 2015
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